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Abdul Rasheed Awan,
Duty Free Shop Ltd.


“There are very few people like Mian Waqar. He is incredibly intelligent, and is almost always the expert in the room. His wide variety of experience and skills lend him credibility and understanding in so many venues that his expertise is often invaluable not just on the job for which he is hired, but in so many facets of the organization for which he is working.”


Farhan Masood,
Solo Smart Inc.


“I found Mian Waqar a very loyal soul with an extremely hard working nature, very impressive technology skills, wide multi-dimensional knowledge and management expertise. I really enjoyed working with Waqar. He does not keep the word “defeat” in his dictionary. I wish him success in life.”


Alan Guinn
Guinn Consultancy Group


“Mian has always impressed me with his phenomenal abilities to find potential opportunities. He works diligently and succeeds at whatever he starts. He is a true Rainmaker with a capital R, and understands the importance of creating long term relationships and opportunities.”




I am Professional Management Consultant, with many years’ experience in the field of Public Payphone System, Public Address System, Public Surveillance System, Power Diagnostic Systems, Bird Repellent System, Transit Media System, Public Display System, All Purpose Elevators & Lifters, All Purpose Security Gates, Barriers and Turnstiles, Market Surveys, Market Research, Human Resource Management, Corporate Training & HR Development, Women Empowerment, Child Labor, Micro Finance, Large Format Printing, Pharmacy, Real Estate, Transportation etc. I having managed multimillion dollars projects with a proven track record for introducing new technologies into large enterprises. Conducted research on latest inventions and innovations around the world. Represented number of industrial and corporate solutions for Pakistan and other concerned regions. Participated in hundreds of different exhibitions including career exhibitions, industrial exhibitions, energy exhibitions, property exhibitions, educational Exhibitions, Books Exhibitions, Pak-China Exhibitions, Pak-India Exhibitions, and Art & Cultural Exhibitions. Facilitated companies to participate in several exhibitions around the world. Arranged several business seminars, workshops, orientations, new product launches and CEO Forums. Wrote cover sorties, end reports, several interview scripts for press radio and television programs.


  • 2016-BRRP Bird Repellent System Research Program
  • 2015-SERP Solar Energy Research Program
  • 2014-PDRP Power Diagnostic System Research Program
  • 2013-PARP Public Address System Research Program
  • 2012-THRP Technical HR Development Program
  • 2011-GIRP Gwadar Industrial Estate Research Program
  • 2010-HRBP High Rise Building Research Program
  • 2009-GPRP Gwadar Property Research Program
  • 2008-CVRP Corporate Villas Research Program
  • 2007-GPRP Gwadar Port Research Program
  • 2006-HRRP Human Resource Robotics Program
  • 2005-MFML Micro-finance & Micro-lease Program
  • 2004-GTRP Graphics Technologies Research Program
  • 2003-IFMS International Franchising Management System
  • 2003-WTRP Wireless Technology Research Program
  • 2002-ASRP Advance Servers Research Program
  • 2001-USCS Universally Sustainable Computer Suite
  • 2000-APMS Area Payphone Management System


Niazi Group of Companies: I am working with Niazi Group of Companies from last 15 years. The Group is a renowned business identity, serving since 1960. The Group is successful to achieve a dominant status in multiple sectors including construction business, real estate projects, transportation network, logistic services, tourism industry, bricks manufacturing and agricultural farming. I worked for almost all of their companies and also participated in several short and long term projects those were initiative by the Group. I am also recipient of Life Time Achievement Award Year 2015-16 by Niazi Group of Companies.


Al Dousor International Co Ltd. Dosropaw commenced its business as trading est. Since 1992 when it was branched out of mother company CEPCO with the name of: Al Dousor Trading Establishment., doing business with most important utilities and customers in Saudi Arabia such as, Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), Marafiq, Sabic, Sea-Port, Civil Defence, Private operation & maintenance companies. The company has now up-graded to Limited Liability Company due to expansion of its business activities and increase in turn-over. Since 2007 Al Dousor International Company has changed its image from trader to a company which can provide complete equipment and services including turn-key projects. To support this ability, engineers and highly qualified specialists have been employed in addition to previous and existing expertise. The success of our business is shared with our worldwide partners and joint ventures like System Separation AB, Severn Trent De Nora, Solvay, Rhodia, AREVA, ABB, Siemens and Others. We never had any financial issue with any of our partners. We always fulfill our commitments and obligations in time, our in time payments guarantee the flexible and diaphanous dealings.


Marvel System: Founded in 1995, Marvel System is a multi-functional global business consultancy group, domiciled in Pakistan, operating around the world through a group of business consultants and management experts located on every continent. Today, we are multi-disciplinary (offering several different services), multi-stationed (working in different cities of Pakistan), multi-national (working in different countries) and multi-lingual (speak different languages). We have over 300 member organizations, working with us from last 10~20 years. We are facilitating our member organizations to work around the world.


Marvel System Investment Federation: Marvel System Investment Federation is a nexus of numerous distinctive alliances surrounded by our short-listed and grouped member organizations. Federation is responsible to protect the rights of its investors. Federation is dedicated to help and educate its members to build their confidence toward investments. Today we have over 100 investment opportunities for our member organizations in 10 different specialized sectors.



The Professional Organization: I am associated with The Professional Organization in the capacity of a Corporate Trainer, Trainers of Trainers and Career Counselor. We are working with Department of Education (Govt. of Pakistan), National Commission for Human Development (NCHD), Plan Pakistan, NRSP, UNDF, Punjab Education Foundation, Idara Taleem O Aagahi, Al-Hijra Trust, Pakistan, Al-Hijra Trust-UK, Al-Hijra-Turkey and many other local and international organizations. We conducted several training including, life skills programs, management related training, IT related training, social development programs, schools rehabilitation & improvement programs etc.


Adab Saraae International is an Urdu Literary organization with 30 years of excellence. Its main objective is to educate the new writers and new poets and to provide them an open platform to recite their poetry and prose. The renowned poets, writers and scholars are the basic members of this organization which are serving to promote Urdu literature worldwide. Adab Saraae International has successfully dealt with 100s of local and global literary organizations, organized over 600 monthly literary events, participated in 1000s of national literary events, participated in100s of international literary events, invited as a special guest to 100s of globally renowned poets, arranged over 300 special day events, organized 100s of new books inauguration programs, reviewed of over 5000 new Urdu books & publications and guided to 1000s of  new Urdu & Punjabi writers & poets.


My poetry journey was started, in the age of 16, when I was in class 10th. My first and an ice-breaking publication was “Mann Katehra”  من کٹہرا that was launched in year 2009. My 2nd publication was “Misal-e-Kulyat مثلِ کلیات  and it was launched in year 2014. My 3rd and most recent publication is “Shaher Daghdar شہرِ داغدار . My next publication is “Soz-e-Mehshar”  سوزِ محشر  which is in process.

“Misal-e-Kulyat” مثلِ کلیات is a collection of poetry from 30 book of Madar-e-Dabistan Lahore Dr. Shahnaz Muzammil, Chairperson Adab Saraae. Apart from poetry it also contains story of my 15 years literary journey with Dr. Shahnaz Muzammil and Adab Saraae International (Globally Renowned Urdu Literary Forum).

My three books 1. Mann Katehra, من کٹہرا  2. Shahr-e-Daghdar شہرِ داغدار  and 3. Soz-e-Mehshar سوزِ محشر  (all together) support one noble concept that is “Islamic Way of Life”. “Man Katehra” من کٹہرا  is about understanding our own self e.g. how we are created. “Shahr-e-Daghdar” شہرِ داغدار  is about understand our universe e.g. how universe is created. “Soz-e-Mehshar”    سوزِ محشرis about the understanding of our day of judgment e.g. what will happened after our life.  Moreover, these three books respectively deal with “Nafas-e-Amara” نفسِ امارہ  , “Nafas-e-Lawama” نفس لوامہ  and “Nafas-e-Mutmaina”  نفسِ مطمئنہ

Apart from Urdu Poetry Books, I have 1 Urdu Book Named “Best Life Notes” “بیسٹ لائف نوٹس” which contains collection of motivational and inspirational notes.

Apart from Urdu Literary Books, I have 8 other publications e.g. 7 Gwadar Newsbooks and 1 Handbook on Gwadar. Newsbooks are research publications and they contain collection of news from over 150 difference newspapers. Collection of news is related to all mega projects and developments directly and indirectly related to Gwadar Deep Sea port and China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Handbook on Gwadar covers Gwadar District information, Gwadar Port specifications & related details, major developments and future projects in Gwadar. Moreover, Gwadar Handbook also contains complete pictorial tour of Gwadar City.




URL: www.niazigroup.com
E-mail: info@nizigroup.com

IM: mianwaqarpk@yahoo.com

Cell: +92 300/333 4102774